What you didn’t know about Morocco

Nowadays, there are plenty of Morocco travel agencies that offer many Morocco tours and beautiful Morocco trips under a low cost. Many cities and things to discover but most of the time they do not offer those curious facts that you would like to know about this country.

The fact is that when you are in Morocco you would like to get all the good things that this country has to offer and you get excited when you realize that there are many curious facts that you could know before traveling. And for those people planning to travel, knowing perfectly the country will be really helpful.

When you do Tours in Morocco it is necessary that you taste typical food of this country, and also the typical drinks. The fact is that Morocco is the first world importer of green tea. The tea occupies an important place in Moroccan culture and it’s so ingrained to Moroccan social life, which has made of Morocco the first importer of green tea around the world.

In Moroccan culture there are some traditions worldwide recognized that tend to be really common. Morocco has part of this Arabic culture. The polygamy in Morocco only represents the 0, 31% of Moroccan weddings. It is estimated that 314.000 weddings celebrated in 2009 in Morocco, 0, 31% of them was with a second wife. The king Mohammed VI impulimpulse004 a Family code that established this practice had to be spoiled by the first wife. Who says this tradition is still working by a few people.

One of the main reason to do a Morocco tour, are the old places in which a contemporary history lover could find. The alaouí dynasty established in 1966, is one of the oldest in the contemporary world. Is the dynasty that is reigning right now. Its denotation proceed by the name of its founder Ali o Molulay Ali Sharif (1644-1672) who became sultan of Tafilete in 1631. His sun Moulay Muhammad alRashid bin Sharif (1664-1672) got the unification and pacify the country. In this way it seems to be descendent of some Tafiletesheriff that at the same time supposed to be descendent of Mahomma through the line Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatima az-Zahra (Mahoma’s daughter)

Following the story of the contemporary history and untouchable traditions, Morocco shines in the same way because it has the oldest university in the world, Al Qarawiyyin. The most surprising thing is that it is still working and there are many students who have the chance of being here. The fact is that only imagining it turns to be an amazing experience; can you imagine being sitting in a place that is really old and it has years of antiquity and it still works? It has not been destroyed yet and people take care of this places, this is how your experience begins when you are at the university.

Tours of Morocco would be perfect if you include a tour around this university, but you need to take into account the studying schedule and it is still an academic place that it is still working. Although there are no excuses for taking photos from the outside because it is well known for being one of the biggest architectural complex of Fez city. So, you do not have to lose the chance of visiting this place when you do Tours in Morocco.

And for Morocco Tours lover there is another city which is really famous and should be visited: Merzouga. If you are looking for something similar to the Shara desert, this city can offer to you. As a curious fact, it has the biggest dunes, and the arenoterapia is not allowed here. This place is a special destiny to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, getting into the immensity of its dunes.

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