Tips for relief from Back pain


I suffer several times from back pain, so I remembered to bring you some tips that can help to improve the pain to those who, like me, feel it. Let’s move on to the tips to improve back pain:


  1. Relax

Relaxing is important because it helps the muscle fibers loosen, which momentarily relieves the pain. Lying on your side or sitting with your back against the chair are, among others, ways to allow this relaxation.


  1. Heat up

Warm compresses on the back work miracles, especially if you place in the exact pain location. A warm, immersion bath also works efficiently on back pain.


  1. Massages

A well-made massage, strong enough in the area of pain, is one of the best ways to relieve it. If this massage is accompanied with oil or cream – be it moisturizing or even suitable for back pain – even better.


  1. Sleep

Sleeping well and the sufficient number of hours, advised for our age, is key to decreasing the frequency of episodes of back pain. It does not relieve immediately, but in the long run, significant differences are noted.


  1. Stretching

Doing some stretching exercises, with the focus on the back – no bodybuilding – helps a lot to act on the pain. I leave below some images and videos that exemplify these exercises:





  1. Improve posture

Trying to maintain a correct posture avoids back pain and, also, future misalignments in the spine to maintain good posture.


  1. Maintain an ideal weight

Having excess weight increases the risk of spinal misalignment and consequently pain.


  1. Exercise regularly

Doing exercise helps relax spinal bonds, relieving pain – but not much pressure can be put on the joints.


  1. Avoid sleeping on a very soft mattress

The Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief for those who have back pain is the semi-orthopedic, which allows you to relax and make your spine in a straight position.


  1. In the latter case, take medicine

It must be the last hypothesis because the exaggeration is never healthy. But if the pain does not go through any of the above tips (or others you find on the Internet), taking medicine turns out to be the only solution. However, you should bet on a muscle relaxant before moving on to the analgesic.

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