Install A Decorative Ceiling Medallion

Installing a ceiling rose or ornamental medallion is definitely an affordable method to give a dramatic effect for your room. Setting it up on your own is a reasonably easy process so here is a walk-through of how to pull off it.


First of all, take safety safeguards by switching off the primary capacity to prevent electrocution and employ a tester to make certain it’s off. Clean your ceiling before you begin to prevent any debris or dust getting in the manner with a couple gentle soap having a sponge is going to do fine.

Next, you need to cut the middle hole within the medallion whether it does not curently have one. When the medallion comes with an opening, determine whether it enables the sunshine fixture accessibility wiring and enlarge the opening whether it does not. For reference about how large you need to cut the opening, put the cover plate around the medallion and draw lines around it. After drawing the lines, make use of a compass and draw a circle one-half inch inside the reference lines.

Drill an opening within the medallion then make use of a drywall saw to chop across the circle. Make certain to chop carefully and employ some sandpaper to lessen any rough edges and uneven contours. Before getting the adhesive, test the set up. Put the medallion so the center enables accessibility electrical box. When the hole is not big enough to gain access to all wires, you are able to enlarge it using sandpaper. Test to find out if the size of the threaded secure enables it for connecting the fixture towards the junction box as the medallion is attached. Following this, you are able to paint your medallion to fit your walls after which begin cellular phone.


Hold it by its face and employ a caulk gun to use the adhesive on the rear of the medallion. Attach the medallion in position by positioning the middle within the junction box. Make certain to screw the coverage plate towards the threaded secure prior to the adhesive dries and tighten it therefore it can fasten the medallion into position.

Make use of a drill they are driving screws beyond the medallion and within the ceiling so the medallion is bound. Make certain to screw them in hidden places to prevent tarnishing the look. Take away the cover plate and fill any gaps between your ceiling and medallion using caulk. Take away the threaded secure and also the mounting bar then use nuts around the mounting bar to lock it towards the threaded secure. Pass your fixture’s wires with the threaded secure and from the mounting bar then screw it towards the fixture.

Get somebody to help by holding the fixture when you connect the mounting bar and junction box. Connect the wire in the junction box towards the screw within the mounting bar. Twist the finish of this wire using the ground wire in the fixture and employ a wire nut to secure it. Secure the fixture’s neutral wire using the ceiling’s white-colored wire utilizing a wire nut after twisting them together. Connect the rest of the wire towards the black wire in the ceiling then switch the cover plate by attaching it towards the medallion. Turn the ability back on and admire the outcomes.

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