Foods That Increase Nitric Oxide Production

This can be a listing of 6 everyday foods which will work wonders for the bloodstream flow and arterial blood vessels.

1. Black Tea

Black tea really contains caffeine, that is a common vaso-constrictor (suppresses bloodstream vessels). However there’s still clinical evidence that shows clearly the advantages of black tea in your nitric oxide supplement levels.

Despite getting some caffeine inside it, black tea contains tannins, flavonoids, and catechins which have been directly associated with elevated NO (Nitric Oxide Supplement) production.

One study even concluded, the more black tea their subjects drank, the greater freely their bloodstream ran in their arterial blood vessels.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon contains high levels of the amino acidity L-Citrulline, that has been proven inside a dozen of studies to transform into arginine within your body.

Following the L-Citrulline will get changed into arginine, it’ll convert again from arginine to nitric oxide supplement.

3. Red pepper cayenne

Red pepper cayenne is packed with capsaicin, a substance which makes all chilis hot. Based on a lot of studies, it is going such as this – the greater capsaicin within the chili, the warmer it’s.

In recent reports capsaicin was highly associated with elevated NO production.

4. Green spinach

Green spinach is really a food that’s naturally high in nitrates. Individuals nitrates will become nitritines through the bacteria inside your mouth, and also the nitritines will convert into nitric oxide supplement through the actions of the gut bacteria.

This is the oversimplified action road to foods which contain high levels of natural nitrates.

5. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter does not only taste great, but it is also full of nuts.

Nuts provide high arginine content, and arginine is among the primary compounds that you’ll require within your body to produce no, that relaxes your arterial blood vessels and enables the bloodstream to circulate freely.

6. Kale

Kale includes a huge listing of health advantages. Certainly one of individuals benefits is always that it has immeasureable co-enzyme Q10 that has been proven to improve NO production considerably.

It gets better kale is capable of doing, becasue it is also full of natural nitrates.


That’s it. 6 everyday foods which will improve your NO production considerably, and simultaneously all of them taste great.

As you can tell, you don’t need to purchase individuals costly NO boosters in the bodybuilding stores to improve nitric oxide supplement. You just need some powerful food.

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