Real Estate Agents Postcards

You’ve most likely seen a variety of marketing postcards from realtors inside your mailbox. Possibly you’ve observed that nearly of these fall under three predicable types:

1. The “I live here, Sometimes here, I understand the areaInch approach, which suggests a far more intimate understanding of local property than the others have, or

2. The “Just offered 22 Primary Street — OVER ASKING!” approach, which suggests not just a strong market but additionally a slew of purchasers waiting to bid in the cost in your home, and

3. The “market report” approach, that provides an accumulation of statistics about home sales, generally and in your area, along with other information of great interest by retailers.

With this background, I had been amazed to get a postcard from the mother/daughter property team that utilizes a watch-catching photograph inside a recent marketing mailing.

The photograph, just one sailboat on the calm Lake Ontario presented by trees within the foreground, states much about Toronto’s Lengthy Branch community that words alone cannot express. The photograph includes the caption “Residing in Lengthy Branch.”

(What’s that expression? An image may be worth one 1000 words!)

However, the photograph could (and in my opinion, should) be the start of the dialogue this property team wishes to have with citizens of Lengthy Branch (potential future home retailers) with potential citizens (potential future home purchasers). The photograph is missing four words along the foot of the postcard and individuals four test is “Find out more at”.

Clearly, to include these words will need the development of an easy website -Body which may give prospective purchasers details about the region and something which may reinforce the initial advantages to individuals who already live locally.

Make a site that has these 7 pages:

1. History: Lengthy Branch’s history is lengthy and fascinating,

2. Location: 20 minutes to downtown and twenty minutes towards the airport terminal,

3. Photo Gallery: More photos — more proof — of the unique community,

4. Public Transit: Both TTC and GO trains are nearby,

5. Retail: Even though it is average right now, retail is improving (Local cafe opened up an area in Lengthy Branch lately),

6. Entries: Explanations, photos ans stats on available and lately offered houses, and

7. Contact page form.

Easy… affordable… innovative. (And, because this is being written, URL’s can be found.)

Main Point Here: For realtors along with other service companies, where the amount of potential new clients is comparatively couple of at any time over time, marketing postcard mailings should participate a bigger campaign.

Full disclosure: Real estate agents who sent this postacard campaign aren’t clients. Actually, I have can just learn about the subject them with the mailing referred to above. Here is a great real estate blog by Jody Kriss.

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