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SEO Company Slingshot Internet Marketing can help you make your business a brand. Brand recognition, and the ability to build your brand through SEO, is always increasing in importance. The general consumer focus has shifted towards a combination of building general brand awareness and having a product that genuinely speaks to them. This means that if a customer has heard of your brand favourably, then they are far more likely to purchase or engage with your services, then that of your competitors.


If your business is 100% online then this step is critical, crucial, and imperative; it’s that important. All you have to build trust and credibility with your customers is your website. Remember, the best SEO strategy in the world won’t help a website that is poorly designed and is about as user friendly as a second-hand lawnmower. Despite all the talk about metrics and Google algorithms, your actual customers are human beings with needs. Get the message right on your website and people will spend time on it and bookmark it, re-visit it, and tell their friends about it. I know this is basic, but don’t think because you have finally got your site to the number one spot in Google that your customers are going to love your site—they will just bounce right out of it if it’s not what they are looking for.


‘Your website is your greatest asset. More people view your webpages than anything else.’

Amanda Sibley

Co-Marketing Manager, HubSpot


A professional SEO Company will target this area and develop a specialised SEO campaign that will allow you to both build your brand while proving you customers with a clear next step with how to engage and purchase. This concept brings together many of the areas we have already discussed; link-building, social media, audience profiles. It’s all just a matter of tactics and strategy.


When it comes to the online world, it’s important that people still recognise you and your business as human. This is one of the best parts of mediums such as social media, but it is especially true when it comes to brand recognition. The general idea is that people want to do business with other people, not with businesses. It’s a simple connection to make when you can physically walk into a store down the road and see at a glance the stock, layout, professionalism, and demeanour of the store, but this is harder online.

If you are not too sure what to do here and you don’t have $20,000 to invest in an ad d2agency for them to come up with a great look and feel, then use your own judgement about what websites you like. Whether they are in your industry or not, it will help you to determine what works. Pay attention to what it actually is that you like. I don’t care how boring your product or service is, if your website is visually pleasing it will not scare your visitors away. Computers were pretty ugly and boring until Steve Jobs came along. Up to 90% of the buying decision is influenced by design and usability.

If you focus on humanising your brand, while maintaining professionalism, then it gives your customers a general focus and provides a voice for your business. The three questions you should ask yourself are:


  • How well can my customers know me?
  • Is my business likeable?
  • Is my business considered trustworthy and reliable?


If you take this ideas to heart and really think about expanding your business in such a way that will humanise and make your business likeable and relatable then you are on a good path to success. There are whole areas of your SEO campaign that you can (and should) dedicate to growing your brand because of the importance of this image and how it affects your Advertising impact, your Social Media campaign, and so many other areas.

As The CEO of an SEO Company, Slingshot Internet Marketing, I have come across so many small, local businesses that have no idea where to start when it comes to growing your brand. My advice to them is always to start slow and do your own research, There is a lot of SEO that you can do yourself without spending money on an agency by just doing some basic research into areas such as growing your brand. But remember to stay patient because these things take time. And once you have a go, learn more and start to think you want to grow and do even better, that is the time to approach an SEO Company or visit our website

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