Eating at a Portuguese Restaurant

Regardless if you are a follower of European cuisine, a local of Portugal or somebody that just wants to test something totally new, Portuguese food offers flavor, spice, fun, and grip the med. You will find particular food products that you ought to not lose out on.


Most nations out of this place in the world enjoy an liquor with each and every meal. Ginjinha is really a traditional alcoholic drink. This sweet liqueur consists of sour cherries and it is offered inside a chocolate shot glass, just like a giant Mon Cheri.

Port wines are another drink that’s signature to dining inside a Portuguese restaurant. It’s a wine combined with a harder liquor, usually brandy, so make certain your bartenders isn’t overweight handed.


For that sea food lover, the very best appetizer to access a Portuguese restaurant needs to be Camarones al Ajillio. This scrumptious appetizer includes shrimp sautéed in essential olive oil (a standard feature of their cuisine) and paprika.

Linguica Portuguesa is really a traditional sausage, full of flavor to enable you to get ready for that meal in the future.

For any lighter starter, skip the heavy meat tapas and check out a conventional Mediterranean salad with baby vegetables, goat cheese and fresh tomato plants.


The folks from the Mediterranean nations have perfected the skill of meat making and also the Portuguese aren’t excluded out of this group. When dining inside a restaurant, you’d be doing your injustice by not using the range of meat and chicken they always offer.

For that pork lover, Febras p Cebolada is a combination of let’s eat some onions and medallions of pork simmered inside a dark wine sauce.

Pollo Extremana includes a breast of chicken inside a tomato sauce, with all kinds of peppers and sausage, or you might possess the Frango Madeira that is cooked inside a wine sauce.

The veal is generally exquisite when dining inside a Portuguese restaurant, particularly the Vitelo Marsala. Expect an attractive veal scaloppini with mushrooms bathed inside a Marsala wine sauce.

For any more maritime selection, choose the Arroz p Marisco. This grain dish has all types of sea food you can imagine or even includes chicken and chorizo.


The folks of Portugal possess a major sweet tooth and that’s why you may be guaranteed scrumptious confections when eating out in this fashion. Pastel P Nata is really a scrumptious egg custard tart baked in filo dough. Most places assists it for you warm, spread with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Fiovos p Ovos is really a super decadent treat of egg yolks which have been attracted into strands and boiled in syrup. The easiest yet undoubtedly most scrumptious dessert is Leite Crème. This pastry is made from cream, eggs, and roasting sugar, simple yet superb.
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