Periscope for Authors


Periscope is really a live streaming application for the smartphone that enables you to definitely share watching other live videos from around the globe. Within the app’s own words, it allows you receive a “visual pulse of what is happening at this timeInch and “uncover the planet through another person’s eyes.”

While there’s two methods for you to use Periscope – 1. Broadcast your personal content 2. Watch others broadcast their content – this information will concentrate on why and just how to broadcast being an author.

There are just two needs to begin broadcasting – possess a smartphone & have something to state. Being an author, you have a note, so broadcasting is simply a way of assisting you achieve and fasten with increased people.


Periscope helps authors send their message in to the world inside a personal way. Who easier to inform your story than you? Who easier to share your articles or perhaps your passion? When individuals Help you, additionally they call at your authenticity. If individuals like you, they’ll want to consider your books, your message, as well as your heart.

– Tricia Goyer

Like a broadcaster, Periscope enables you to definitely share your world with other people. Whether you are in your own home focusing on a brand new book, traveling for any book signing, on the family trip, or simply bored inside your office, it reveals an chance for an entire new degree of reference to your viewers. Viewers will also be asked to interact by asking them questions for live solutions and tapping the screen to transmit hearts towards the broadcaster.

Even though it is rather new, it appears as though it’s not going anywhere soon. In a couple of several weeks, Periscope arrived at over ten million customers – several which has only ongoing climbing. It is not yet another social networking site to schedule posts for it is a new, unique method to build relationships your present supporters And make much more fans.

In The Event You START?

Listed here are a couple of ideas on how to use Periscope that will help you determine if it is the right platform for you personally.

Broadcasts are live and ideal for interaction, however they only survive Periscope for twenty-four hrs.

Although short resided, the videos could be saved, then published online, and shared across your social networking platforms.

Periscope is possessed by Twitter, to ensure that is of course the primary social networking connection. In case your Twitter following is big, certainly consider beginning to broadcast.

Should you Twitter following isn’t large, beginning to broadcast may help construct your presence on Twitter. Plus, you could publish on Facebook and then any other social networking platforms to ask individuals to join yourself on Periscope.

Still it grouped into the group of “social networkingInch as opposed to a primary supply of content (i.e. an internet site, blog, YouTube funnel, podcast station). This will make it an “add-onInch as opposed to a “necessity.”

Even when you are thinking “I’m not sure… My existence is not that interesting. Nobody wants to listen to me ramble by what I am focusing on,Inch keep in mind that peoplelove “behind the curtain” and “on the runInch video content. Every broadcast does not need to be profound or lengthy. Short and sweet continues to be an improvement on nothing whatsoever.
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