Quit Smoking or Die

The awful addictive to smoking is causing many to die of cancer. This insidious disease strikes any part of the body and can result in pain beyond description as the growing tumour stretches the tissues pulling them apart. It’s many times worse than a splinter or of having your finger nails pulled off. Cancer of the throat; lungs; brain; bladder; liver; colon; and the pancreas are possibly the most common but there are other areas affected as well.

It can strike anyone at any age and is possibly the reason why some babies are born with cancer. In a case near me recently a grandmother described the appearance of her newborn grand-daughter who had a huge tumor on her forehead. She died within a week but the pain must have been excruciating.

Those who lose their larynx speak through an artificial replacement while those who have mouth cancer can lose part or all of their tongue and mandible. This robs them of the ability to taste and can cause gross disfigurement even if the cancer is removed.

Removal of a tumour is not necessarily the end of it as another can strike a different part of the body and then another part again. Even skin cancer is a sign that one is susceptible to them. The result in most cases is a horrible death and questions of ‘why me’ are frequently heard.

Why indeed! If you smoke then you are already a victim. Even if you breathe that of someone else you are a victim and children are often put in that situation. Where parents and their friends smoke around them the result is the same as if they were the ones addicted.

The pain of quitting puts many people off doing it. They need to take into account the pain and cost of not doing it. Death by cancer is horrible and not to be undertaken lightly by putting oneself or their family at risk.

My interest in this subject comes from my reincarnation and knowledge that we live in the world controlled by 666. He is Constantine who set up the system of commerce whereby addiction to anything makes money for the sellers and producers of such drugs. Getting away from the ignorance that allows them to be legal is not encouraged by governments or companies who are the winners and money makers from ones habit.

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